Progress so far...

June 30th 2009 - 22 stone 4Ibs. Current weight - 17 stone 1Ib. Weight loss - 5 stone 3Ibs. Commuting miles - 3389.
Non commuting miles - 359. Mileage this week - 101 miles. Total mileage - 3748 miles.

Saturday, 6 March 2010


Today is for me is a bit of a Red Letter Day.

2 reasons for this, first off this is my 100th Blog entry amazingly enough and more importantly I cracked the 4st loss barrier today too.

Maybe it's time for a bit of a refocus and planning ahead. You know when a batsman hits a century and quite often they're out very soon afterwards? Well my Granddad always told me that what they should do is take a drink break, get their batting gloves off take 5 then take guard again and tell themselves they're starting again. I'm going to do the bikey weight loss equivalent.

In the past I've hit a target and stopped, which meant all of the good I did was wasted. Not this time, 4st while for me is impressive it's only a start, to carry on with the Cricket analogy I've only just played myself in and have got a grip of the bowling.

Next week will see me carry on with the Road Bike Monday and Tuesday, with me planning to do 20 milers into work. Wednesday I'm working from home as there is an IT issue with my laptop that I won't bore you with so an IT weenie is visiting me at home to sort it. That means I'll be doing some proper cycling on my MTB early doors before he gets to my house.

Thursday and Friday are days off so more of the same on my MTB as early as the light will allow. I have a few explorations in mind looking at the OS map and I plan to post a few piccies and footage of my locale.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had been approached by a local Rugby Club to become their Head Coach. As I said I've done that before and it is a pretty thankless task which does become all consuming. I coach now at a Club at a high level with great access to various resources to assist what I'm doing. The local club is a pretty low level club and when I spoke to their Chairman he said I was too qualified for them, which was nice of him. I also got quite a few very nice and unexpected references from senior professional coaches whose opinions I respect and value. But it was wifey who as usual nailed my indecision about whether to take the job or not. (It was a paid position by the way). We had a pretty long chat about it and she asked would I be happy leaving Bees and taking this job? The answer was a pretty definate no, so she told me not to do it. Which was a fantastic thing to advise as we do need the money as she has lost her job. Top bird eh?

More Rugby today, watching the lads play Pontypridd in the British and Irish Cup this afternoon, then getting home and watching Tigers v London Irish on Sky, then coaching tomorrow.

No thoughts of even looking at a bike this weekend, rest is rest. Looking forward to Monday though!


  1. well done on both accounts a newbie to your blog im nearly caught up reading through from day 1...enjoy your waiting for low tide to go ride!

  2. Cheers mate! Have a good one yourself!

  3. 4 Stone is HUGE mate well done keep it up

  4. UFG, I intend to, more pedals over Frankly Beeches on the way home!

  5. Great achievement Clive, that 100 posts is great going. Oh 4 Stone isn't bad either :)

    Seriously that is very impressive mate, chuffed for you

  6. Ta Matt, the 100 post thing stunned me a bit, I didn't realise I've become such an anorak!

    I'm pretty pleased with the 4 st though, I seemed to hang at a 3st and pounds for a while. Onwards and downwards! :-)

  7. I admire your focus, I'm afraid I definitely need a coach, to get my mind set on the job in hand. My only excuse is that I have alot going on at the moment, but then what is it they say, "pros seem to have more time on the ball". All I want is more time on my bike, that's not going to happen I've just seen the gas bill-ugh!!

  8. Welshie, I always remember the old saying that I believe Henry Ford first coined. "Whether you say you can, or whether you say you can't, you're probably right." I know I'm a classic case that proves that to be true. Especially the can't bit...

  9. Clive congratulations on ure weight loss it shows wot grit and determination u av

    Well dun on ure century of blogs u certainly av a talent 4 writing an interesting blog and dnt say u dont know bout that coz if it wasnt interesting the magazine wouldnt interested m8

    Keep it up m8

  10. Thanks Les. Thanks for the encouragement. The What Mountain Bike contributions came as a huge surprise. I didn't think for one moment that anyone outside of the fat bikers community would be interested in anything I have to say. Actually I believed my (our) situation with illness and obesity would be an easy target for ridicule, especially as it is a self inflicted wound as it were. Shows what I know eh?

  11. I am looking 4ward very much to reading the article in the magazine

    By reading ure blog it has encouraged me write stuff on my blog mine is jus random shit shud b good at that write loads of shit on Facebook, I av 2 followers Phil & Joby they prob felt sorry for me lol

  12. Well done mate. I can see why 4st could be a stumbler as it's going to be a while to 5st lost. So set yourself some interim targets and go for it. Not that we'd let you stop.

    You've got a good 'un with the wife. I'd keep her if I were you ;)

  13. Clive thanxs 4 following me now there r 3 of u lol

  14. Clive I av read all ure blogs 2nite up 2 where i came in at the end of Jan they r all very inspiring u make me look a wimp I cycle to work at nite but it is only 2 miles ure like a tour de France cyclist compared 2 me lol

    Here's to ure double century and many more m8

  15. Every body has to start somewhere Les, you want inspiring? Check out Frank Kinlan's Blog, James the 22 stone cyclist and The Amazing Shrinking Gaz's Blog, they're there in my links. They're the fellers who got me doing this. I'm a wimp compared to them!

  16. Cheers Clive for your kind words TBH I started cycling coz my car was of the road but also I thought it might make me fitter my car is now back on the road but I will still defo cycle I enjoy it.

    I realy want to go on longer journey's and build my fitness up so one day I can do a charity bike ride of some description maybe for the or

    Anyway will finish for thanks for all ure help and advice m8