Progress so far...

June 30th 2009 - 22 stone 4Ibs. Current weight - 17 stone 1Ib. Weight loss - 5 stone 3Ibs. Commuting miles - 3389.
Non commuting miles - 359. Mileage this week - 101 miles. Total mileage - 3748 miles.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Friday report.

Me and wifey were going for a towpath pootle today, but she has got the bug that the kids have had so I have advised her to not pedal. A bit of a shame but there'll be other days. So no pedal today for me either but a chance to get some admin done.

I have not lost any weight this week and mileage is down to 51 miles as I was pedalling off road, back on the commute next Tuesday. I'm having to do a van swap on Monday so no pedal in then. I'm helping a mate move house tomorrow, hopefully that'll be cracked off pretty quickly.

Now the big question, am I doing all this to lose weight, because I love pedalling or to Blog about it? It all seems to have got a bit jumbled of late. Maybe a re-think is in order.


  1. Shame about the pedal wiv the missus but as u say there will b other times matey

  2. Cracking off your mate?

    Am down in Brum again Tue / Wed but won't have time to meet up as you'll be training and I'll be pissed in some shithole somewhere ;)

  3. Shithole is right mate, sunny Tysley! LOL!

    Les, the fact she even suggested it is progress!

  4. Yardley is my location for the night :) so perhaps "fucking shithole" was more apt?

  5. ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!! Suits you Sir!