Progress so far...

June 30th 2009 - 22 stone 4Ibs. Current weight - 17 stone 1Ib. Weight loss - 5 stone 3Ibs. Commuting miles - 3389.
Non commuting miles - 359. Mileage this week - 101 miles. Total mileage - 3748 miles.

Monday, 26 April 2010


An east side commute this morning. 20 miles around the lanes via Wythall, Solihull, Sparkbrook and finally Smethwick.

Stats here:

Started: 26 Apr 2010 05:31:23
Ride Time: 1:14:10
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 20.45 miles
Average: 15.69 miles/hr
Fastest Speed: 38.43 miles/hr
Climb: 367 feet
Calories: 1813

Route here:

It was entirely without incident apart from being squeezed by a WVM overtaking me when there wasn't really room for him to do so. But that's pedalling!

The weather is a bit tricky to dress for now as well, I had my Hi Vis T shirt on with my Hi Vis waterproof jacket on too. Full fingered gloves, my cycling tights over my cycling shorts and waterproof socks as it had been raining. I was a tad leaky when I got to Smethwick. It'll be just T Shirt and shorts on the way home methinks.

Physically the ride went ok, I'm sat here feeling not too beaten up, it was enjoyable being out in the countryside first thing as usual and I got here ok. It didn't feel like I was going that fast though. It felt like a steady pedal in which is fine. Time on the bike is what counts I think.

I did have my helmet cam on, so if there's any footage worth posting I'll do that later.

As promised. Sound off though if I were you. Check out about 4 mins 30 sec in for the WVM dodgy overtake.

The last game of our U17s went fantastically well yesterday with a hard fought 22 - 10 win over Old Edwardians. The BBQ and little soiree afterwards went swimmimgly well. Even though it started to rain a bit. The lads were well up for the game and this showed on the score board. It should have been 22 - 0 but the ref gave a sympathy try to Old Eds when clearly their player had been tackled in to touch before he scored and we let in a soft interception try right at the death with the game already won and the lads thinking about the bar.

Their final team photo below.

And my final team talk to them after the game was won.


  1. Good stuff Clive, and congrats on the start of "Phase Two" It is a flipping nightmare knowing what to wear at this time of year isn't it!

  2. Good luck wiv phase 2 Clive, glad u feel ok mate, be careful out there matey coz there r some tosspot drivers about, and yes before u ask I am bitter am so missing being on me bike

  3. I know! I now know what women feel like when they're taking 4 hours to get ready to go out!

  4. Wimp!
    I had shorts and t-shirt on.

    Although saying that - am going to regret it as the weather seems to have taken a turn for the worse!

  5. Wimp!!!!!!!!??????????

    Ah, this'd be the "tough northerner" thing happening isn't it?

  6. I've no idea what phase2 is, but best of luck with it!

    Somehow you always manage to have a longer commute into work than me. Even if I had the energy for 40/50miles everyday I haven't got the motivation to get out of bed early enough. One or two early starts a week is about all I manage. After that the snooze button gets a workout.

  7. Hi Clive, I've been trying to figure out my calorie spend whilst biking. I've got a 26 mile roundtrip commute which I'm trying to do 3 times a week. How accurate do you think the calorie count on the iphone is? It says you munched through 1800 calories on your way in this morning - if that's true, you'll be losing 1lb a day! (3500 calories per pound of fat)

  8. @Jon, Phase 2 is the next stage of my weight loss program with increased mileage scheduled in.

    @Big'Un I have no idea about the calorie counters, I just include it as I'm a lazy copy and paster!

  9. I think you burn on average about 300 calories per hour on a bike unfortunately :(

  10. It's definitely difficult to dress for. This morning was definitely the warmest of the year so far for me riding and I was sweating with my fleece on.

    My Heart Rate Monitor reckons I burn about 1,000 calories an hour with an average heart rate of about 145bpm.

    It's obviouly all down to how heavy you are and how high your heart rate is. There are some good calorie burn guides on the web.

  11. Clive I av got o say how calm u r wen WMV doesn't give you a lot of room on that well dodgey overtake, when that happens to me I normaly shout out
    " oi give me some f***ing room you c**t "
    but that is prob only me or maybe Joby as well lol

  12. Les, I'm that laid back I'm almost horizontal. It takes a lot to get me riled thankfully.

  13. I always use 600 calories an hour for cycling - that was after some research on various websites.

    My Garmin 705 calculates it much higher than that, but it's well known to be over enthusiastic.

    Something to do with all the "good" algorithms for calorie calculations being patented and no-one wanting to pay and/or being able to licence them.

    Now when are you going to do the decent thing and move away from crappy blogger?



    bicycling 14- 15.9 mph, racing or leisure, fast, vigorous effort

    Calories burned:
    1197 (Kcals) in 60 minutes for a person weighing 114 kg (945 calories per hour for 90kg person)

    says 885 per hour for same exercise for 90kg person

    says 936 for same exercise for 90kg person (and has an iPhone app)

    So maybe I was wrong!

    Interestingly they say that mountain biking uses LESS calories, but that's clearly nonsense :)

  15. @Rafe, I'm not too intersted in the calorie functions. Your calorie usage is what it is. No doubt when the fat starts to become a tad more stubborn I might start paying attention to that stat. But not yet. and you're definately right about the MTB "fact". MTBing is definately harder!

    I know as a Techno Geek Blogger offends your IT sensibilities, but for a simple luddite like me it does what I need it to do. Until my needs Blog wise change I'll stick with this ta muchly! ;-)