Progress so far...

June 30th 2009 - 22 stone 4Ibs. Current weight - 17 stone 1Ib. Weight loss - 5 stone 3Ibs. Commuting miles - 3389.
Non commuting miles - 359. Mileage this week - 101 miles. Total mileage - 3748 miles.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Aircon on overtime...

I pedalled in on my Ridgback commuter along the canal this morning, the reason for that is quite simple, it's a bloody lovely day and why would I want to be pedalling through a City on my road bike when I could be enjoying the rural idyll that is the canal? You see, despite my many road commuting miles, I'm still a MTBer at heart.

I had myself a deliberate (for once) lie in and got up at 0605hrs. There was no point being here early doors as the systems here weren't going to be re-started after the maintenance until 0700hrs.

I had my Muvi on, (footage later if it's worth it) and had a very pleasant pedal with no incidents of any note.

Stats here:
Started: 24 May 2010 06:19:40
Ride Time: 45:53
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 11.54 miles
Average: 13.94 miles/hr
Fastest Speed: 30.88 miles/hr
Climb: 581 feet
Calories: 856

Here are some pics of my bike maintenance session from Saturday.

My Giant pre clean.

During the deed...

A very clean cassette.

As good as new...

Then it was the Ridgeback's turn, which is as to be expected very grimey as befits its working environment.

Just look at the state of her...

Up on the stand for some serious TLC.

I've just realised I never took an "after" shot of her, you'll have to take my word for it that she looks the business and pedals like a dream!

My office at work is propably the worst office here during the summer as all of the servers and other IT gubbins are sat in a cupboard in front of my desk, so it is bloody hot! Just so you get a flavour of my working conditions, I'm literally sat right against a portable aircon unit that is doing its level best to kick out some cold air to counter the heat from the computer stuff.

I love the summer...

New Bike Radar Blog here.


  1. Heat = sweat
    Sweat = weightloss (in a rudimentary sort of way, as it also means loss of salt in the body which you have to replace etc etc)

    Wear three jumpers and a vest.

    You'll be 11 stone in no time.

    And dead...

    Probably a bad idea then.

  2. While I always appreciate your input on the creative front as I've never had an original idea in my life, if it's all the same to you, I'll give this little bit of inspirational blue sky out of the box thinking a miss.

    Keep 'em coming though...

  3. Shame.
    Was looking forward to a photo of you in this weather with three jumpers... And a scarf... and a bomber jacket!

  4. With my layers of fat, I don't need clothes to sweat mate! LOL!

  5. I like a clean bike.

    Saw the PAs road bike on Friday (not a euphemism). Had to tell her off because the cassette is minging! And apparently that's after the bike shop gave it a bit of a clean.

    Bemused that one bike got put in a stand and one didn't??

    Like Joby, I have some advice. But I think mine might be more useful...

    Clamp the seatpost not the frame in a bike stand. That way if anything goes wrong (clamp too tight, gets knocked over) and something gets damaged it's likely to be just a seatpost not a frame. Obviously one is substantially cheaper than the other to replace.

  6. Ta for the advice, I have used a seatpost as a point to hold the bike before, but the stand doesn't seem as stable and I worry about it toppling over. As for the Giant not in the stand, it was but for reasons I forget I didn't photograph it in there!

    Did you volunteer to clean out your PA's cassette? ;-)

  7. Now, Clive, that last comment to Rafe sounds like a euphesmism of the highest order :)

    Bikes are looking good.

    Sounds like a nightmare, I really dislike heat when Im trying to work, the control room at work has air con but it is also South facing with 8ft high windows on the South side, now that is a touch warm

  8. Hey Rafe - at least your PA has two whole thumbs!

  9. Nice cleaning station you got setup there! What do you do to clean the cassette?

  10. I did volunteer but unfortunately the doctor says I have to take it easy and not to go exerting myself.

  11. Besides she has a boyfriend who is very large (he's doing an ironman next month) and three children.

  12. @ Stout,

    I use a bio-degradable citrus de-greaser available from most bike shops and a scrubbing brush. Theres no massive secret to it. You can get a specific Park Tool cassette cleaning brush, in fact I have one, but I think the scrubbing brush works better. Just ask the missus first or buy or own!