Progress so far...

June 30th 2009 - 22 stone 4Ibs. Current weight - 17 stone 1Ib. Weight loss - 5 stone 3Ibs. Commuting miles - 3389.
Non commuting miles - 359. Mileage this week - 101 miles. Total mileage - 3748 miles.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Back at work...

First pedal in to work this morning, came in the city centre route on my Giant, nothing to report. My legs seem to be ok now after my 2 days rest, so that's all good.

Stats here:

Started: 21 Jun 2010 05:35:38
Ride Time: 39:13
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 11.76 miles
Average: 16.09 miles/hr
Fastest Speed: 33.35 miles/hr
Climb: 108 feet
Calories: 762

I didn't deploy my helmet cam as I took the chance of an early start not causing any incidents, luckily I was right, but it will be running on the way home!

This website was featured in The Cycle Active magazine my Father's Day pressie, brilliant, hope you enjoy it!

Oh and a big "Hurrah!" to one of our comrade's Toby who after just 3 months pedalling yesterday completed the London to Brighton Cycle ride, well done mate!


  1. I picked up a cycling mag at the York Cycle Show yesterday too - a back copy of the CTC's membership mag, and I'm looking forward to a good browse when I have a mo. Glad to hear your legs are better after the rest.

  2. Glad ure cycle in wen without incident I think Joby shud move down ure way ope I aint scaring you mate.

    Toby is legde he dun brill

  3. I need to get me a helmet cam. I think a lot of neat film could be captured.

  4. I thought the same thing this morning Clive - unfortunately I was wrong.

  5. Thanks Clive and again, thanks Les.